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Restart Campaign

With businesses opening soon, it is time to think about how to get the word out to your audience. Organic Hudson Valley Publications offers a range of creative services to help your business restart and grow!

+ Running social media campaigns    With creating and curating posts for your social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, OHV can help keep your audience engaged digitally.

+ Wide range of design services    Let us create your marketing materials such as: brochures, postcards, billboards or advertisements for print publications or digital websites. Click here to see some of our design samples.

+ Advertise in both OHV’s Digital and Print Magazines    Once businesses are open, advertise in Organic Hudson Valley’s magazine.

+ Be profiled in our Digital Magazine    Would you like to have your story told and be profiled digitally on OHV? Our talented writers will tell a short story about you or your business, which will be published digitally on our website. If you choose to be highlighted you will need to provide photographs. Click here for our photograph guidelines.

+ Our personalized Mini Magazines are a great marketing tool    High quality custom design, writing and printing of your story in a four or eight page mini magazine (our cover stock paper) that is printed separately from the OHV print magazine, that you will be able to hand out to customers, visitors and at events. Click here to see an example of one of our Mini Magazines.

+ Content Branded Marketing    We can cultivate strategic relationships and marketing approaches focused on creating valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience—and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.

+ Small Digital Sidebar Ads are available for free due to COVID-19    We are happy to support our community during this challenging time. Send us your ad: 300px X 300px JPG format to Laurie@organichudsonvalley.com. All we ask of you is to take a photo of your ad on our website, share on your social media saying thank you for the free ad and use the hashtag #organichudsonvalleystrong.

Please contact us with any inquires! We understand the difficulties you are experiencing at this time and are willing to work with you on pricing. Laurie@organichudsonvalley.com or 845.705.0234

If local businesses stick together and support each other’s growth, we will ensure the future of the Hudson Valley as a wonderful and vibrant place to live!