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Organic Hudson Valley
Started in 2013, Organic Hudson Valley focuses on agricultural sustainability and a globally conscious lifestyle in the Hudson Valley. Our mission is to be the voice for local farmers and small businesses, for buying locally and for supporting Fair Trade. We are a premium quality, perfect-bound print magazine, as well as a digital magazine, with informative, incredibly well-written articles, stunning photography, original artwork and exceptional design, which has built up a cult following among foodies and those looking for a more sustainable lifestyle.

OHV helps all of us connect with our agricultural community, small farms and businesses, chefs, artists, musicians and nonprofit organizations that are working to create a better world. More and more people want to know how and where to find these things and OHV is the perfect resource!

OHV has been growing slowly in line with the principles dear to my heart. We produce four glorious print issues a year which are distributed throughout the Hudson Valley, for free. It truly is a magazine of substance reflecting my values. The magazine is the manifestation of my truth: “Staying true to who you are and the roots of this Hudson Valley.” I am an alchemist of my own life, and I strive to do the same for others. “I want to inspire others to shine.”

All of us (writers, photographers, editors, proofreader and designers) all enjoy putting this publication together and hope that it brings businesses great exposure and success. Our readership is highly engaged with the magazine, helping to create content, connect with our advertisers, and steer development and distribution to where it is needed most. With all the negativity in the world, we at OHV want to focus on the positivity and all the true, authentic people that are in our region.

Truly, our mission is as true today as when we started: If local businesses stick together and support each other’s growth, we will ensure the future of the Hudson Valley as a wonderful and vibrant place to live!

If you are interested in subscribing to our magazine, click here: https://organichv.com/subscriptions/