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Dec 2016 Editor Letter

We just celebrated Organic Hudson Valley’s three-year anniversary at Locust Grove in November, and what an exciting evening it was. I was so happy to share this milestone with family, friends, staff, advertisers, subscribers and our many supporters. The love and support for OHV filled the room, and I am super grateful to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to help celebrate this milestone with me. I would also like to give a special thank-you to Chef Terrance Brennan, Le’ Express, Sprout Creek, On-A-Stick Bakery, Cardoso Cookies, Bedford Gourmet, Smart Beer, Mother Earth’s Storehouse, Nostrano Vineyards, Clinton Vineyards, Angry Orchard, Fruition Chocolate, Rooster Studios, All That Java, ImmuneSchein, Inner Beauty Salon & Spa, Shari L. Riley, Susan Shier, Lillian LaMonica, Maria DiSalvo and Annie Dwyer for all their help in making this evening so memorable.

Since this is the last issue of the year, I want to reflect a little bit. I never forget where I have been and where I am now because that is what keeps me grounded and grateful. I speak about this quite a bit, because it is important to me. We cannot move forward in life without recognizing our past mistakes and learning from them or seeing where we can do better. I am a work in progress and always finding ways to make myself a better mom, wife, business woman and friend to others and myself.

The Hudson Valley is filled with so many good people who have tremendous love and passion for all they do and who work diligently to make a difference. There is so much negativity around us in the world that I’d like to focus on the positive and share that with all of you through this gorgeous magazine, connecting people and staying true to who I am and what OHV is truly about.

Remember to check out the Organic Hudson Valley Holiday Gift Guide for some great gift ideas, and take note of all the advertisers. Stop by these businesses and say hello; you never know what you will find and who you will see! Each and every advertiser and article has something that may be a great gift for someone you love. If local businesses stick together and support each other’s growth, we will ensure the future of the Hudson Valley as a wonderful and vibrant place to live.

Thank you for all your support while taking the ride with me on this incredible journey. From my family to yours, I wish you all a safe and joyous holiday season!