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Aug-Sept 2017 Letter From Editor

Letter from Editor

It’s a beautiful, sunny day, and I’m sitting here in my office thinking about what to write in this issue’s letter. As I look around, I see a special gift that was given to me by two lovely ladies, and I know now what I am supposed to write.
   It’s a beautiful gift box that has the following words and phrases: follow your dreams, believe, love with all your heart, be strong, happiness, generosity, love, gratitude, have faith, live, laugh, practice random acts of kindness, forgive more, create, be kind, cultivate joy, dream, inspire and worry less.
   If you know me, then you know that this is 100 percent me. Now, I’m not saying that it is easy—because it’s not.
    I have a lot of faith and spirituality, and I ask for guidance. When I ask for strength, I am given difficulties to make me stronger, and when I ask for wisdom, I am given problems to learn to solve. When I ask for prosperity, I remember that I am given a brain and brawn to work, and when I ask for courage, I am always given fears to overcome. And when I ask for love and favors, I am given people to help and many opportunities. I always get what I need and not what I want.
   At times, there is pain and I cry, but tears cleanse my soul, and pain, whether it be physical or emotional, makes me stronger. Whatever situation I encounter today, I choose to believe in its goodness and to find the positive instead of the negative. Sometimes it stretches my patience rather than my laughter, but I know that it is right for me at that time.
   This is what helps me get through my day-to-day routine with gratitude for the experiences that I am given. I believe in everything that I do: the wife that I am, the mother to my children, the business that I own and, most importantly, the person I have become!