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April/May 2017 Editor Letter

IMG_2506-for-webOrganic Hudson Valley is filled with the strength, courage, wisdom, passion and love from each person we write about in every issue published. This April/May issue is our 20th edition, filled with great stories about this gorgeous Hudson Valley and the people who are living here and creating positive change in some way, shape or form.

When you read this issue—and any issue, for that matter—please look at it in its entirety. Each article, photograph, illustration and advertiser has a message to share with us; after all, that’s why they were chosen to be a part of OHV. We focus on agricultural sustainability and a globally conscious lifestyle in the Hudson Valley. Our mission is to be the voice for local farmers and small businesses, buying local and supporting Fair Trade. We will continue to help the consumer connect with the broader agricultural community, artists and nonprofit organizations who are working to create a better world.

We believe in local, made in America and Fair Trade, and we will keep finding the folks who feel the same way. Before I even assign articles, I make sure that the businesses and people involved share my mission. If you know me, you know that I ask where products are sourced from. If they’re not Fair Trade, then they are not a good fit for us. It has been said by some that I need to change my thought process…that it shouldn’t make a difference how or from where business owners source their products. The truth is, it does make a difference. Our mission is what it is, and standing by our beliefs makes us who we are.

If local businesses stick together and support each other’s growth, we will ensure the future of the Hudson Valley as a wonderful and vibrant place to live. Let’s continue to work together and make that difference!